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 ABC Approved MMA Judge Training  
ABC Approved MMA Judge Training
Date: Saturday November 28, 2015- Chicago, IL
Check In: 8:00am     Program Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Continental breakfast and lunch included.
Please contact program host, Kelvin Caldwell for details. (773) 397-7159 More Info
Price $235.00

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CC- ABC Approved MMA Referee Course (full program)
2 Day Training & Hands On Program
Interactive training includes: Lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands on exercises, and video review. Physical activity. Dress appropriately.
Day 1: Requirements, Unified Rules, pre-event duties, fighter inspection, other responsibilities. Physical ability and technical exam.

Day 2: Bout operations, mechanics, communication, procedures, challenges, injuries, stopping a bout, post duties, result reporting. Written exam.
CC- ABC Approved MMA Referee Course (refresher program for previous attendees)
Interactive training includes: Lecture, discussion, demonstration and video review. Technical and written exams.
Subjects covered: Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. Pre/During/Post fight duties. Communication. Mechanics. Injuries. Decision making. Challenges. Results. Ethics

CC- ABC Approved MMA Judge Course 
1 day program
Interactive training includes: Lecture, discussion and video review. Technical and written exams.
Subjects covered: Requirements. Unified Rules Scoring System & Judging Criteria. Scoring of rounds. Bout decisions. Challenges. Ethics.
CC- Advanced MMA Referee Hands On Scenario/Situational Workshop
1 day Program
Pre-requisite: ABC Approved MMA Referee Course -- ALL ABC (passing) Referee attendees are accepted to attend this course. Proof of ABC passing grade & live event experience must be provided. Physical activity. Dress appropriately.
Interactive training includes: Detailed review of Unified Rules and duties. A strong focus on proper procedures and dealing with specific challenges. Extensive video review. Hands on role playing. Discussion. 
CC- Advanced MMA Judge Skill Refinement Workshop
1 day Program 
Pre-requisite: ABC Approved MMA Judge Course-- ALL ABC (passing) Judge attendees are accepted to attend this course. Proof of ABC passing grade & live event experience must be provided. Physical activity. Dress appropriately.
Interactive training includes: Detailed review of the judging criteria. Breaking down a round/bout. Refining assessments. Extensive video review. Discussion.
CC- MMA Inspector Program
5 hour program

Ever wonder what an Inspector is/does? Why are they hanging around the fighters, cage side and locker rooms??? 
The Inspector position is a very important, crucial position to both regulators and fighters. This program teaches all the duties and expectations of the position, along with the proper procedures that go along with it. Being an Inspector is a great way to get your foot in the door of MMA Officiating.

Plus, it is a well rounded position where you can experience a live event from cage side to the back room. All regulating bodies, other officials and medical staff rely on the Inspectors to ensure a safe, operational event.

CC- MMA Referee/Judge Shadowing Program
Time determined by length of event itinerary

Pre-requisite: Passing CC ABC Approved MMA Referee/Judge Course-- No other ABC Certification Courses qualify for this program.

Be on site at a live event! This experience takes you through the entire process that a Referee/Judge goes through at an event. Witness first hand examples of: the inspection process, rules meeting, interaction with the regulating body, pre/post fight meetings and more! Judge shadows will have the opportunity to sit cage side and unofficially score the bouts.

CC- Unified MMA Rules of Mixed Martial Arts- An Informational Seminar

3 hours

Ever wonder WHAT Judges and Referees are looking at???
Well, we will answer that question in GREAT detail!  Time for you to stop guessing and assuming...          

This program is to update and educate fighterstrainersmanagers/agentspromoters and media on the MOST CURRENT definitions within the Unified Rules. The benefit of this interactive seminar is to properly educate the MMA Community on what is assessed and expected of the athletes and their coaching staff from the viewpoint of Referees, Judges and Athletic Commissions.

This presentation is an overview of the Unified MMA Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. 
The Unified Judging Criteria is defined, along a clear explanation of bout rules, fouls and expectations. 
There will be time allotted for an interactive, detailed Q & A session.

 Please note: Attending these programs does NOT guarantee you licensing or work as an MMA Official

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